Three Advantages of Hiring a Window Replacement Company

window replacment company addisonSelf-sufficiency is a definite virtue, but unless you have vast experience in the area of window replacement, this is likely a job best left to professionals. Window replacement represents one of the more dangerous areas of home repairs and it should always be done in a highly efficient manner.

There are many reasons to hire professionals when a do-it-yourself job becomes overwhelming. Windy City Construction and Design has paired down these reasons to the three most important:

  • Safety
  • Efficiency
  • Consulation


One of the obvious reasons why window replacement is best done by professionals is that you will be dealing with glass—often large sheets of glass. Unless you are highly-skilled in this area, the ways a window replacement job can go wrong are legion. This is especially true if your window replacement involves ladders and windows on multiple stories. Replacing windows is definitely not a learn-as-you-go process. It requires experience, attention to detail, and a well-planned effort to ensure the safety of all those involved.


Efficiency is vital when it comes to replacing windows, because it is extremely easy to botch this task. Your replacement job needs to ensure that the windows are perfectly level, flawlessly sealed, well-trimmed and more. An inefficient job will result in future water leakage or insulation issues. The latter will affect your energy bills, the former can result in thousands of dollars of elemental damage.

Another issue to consider in the area of efficiency is building and construction codes. These are constantly changing, and they may have changed in your area. An experienced contractor will be aware of these code changes. Replacing windows that are done in a manner or with materials that do not meet the local building requirements can result in fines, not to mention the demolition of all your hard work.


The last reason is very much linked to efficiency, but it goes beyond a well-performed window replacement job. A consultation with an experienced contractor should gloss over a myriad of important issues such as:

  • The building codes in your area
  • New materials or designs that can help make your home more energy efficient
  • Structural issues that may arise during the process

A reliable and honest contractor will not use a consultation to impress whimsical plans upon homeowners. This meeting should be an upfront discussion of the job and the budget considerations in order to make your window replacement as simple and fuss-free as possible.

This is the Windy City Construction & Design promise!

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