Cedar Siding Installation

Cedar Siding Installation and Selection Should be performed only by Experts

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Siding Gallery
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Homeowners consider cedar siding when redoing exteriors of their houses mainly to gain that organic warmth that only wood provides. In the same manner, cedar siding is primary choice for re-siding projects that involve historical restoration. Another advantage of cedar siding is its natural antibacterial and anti-fungal properties and subtle aroma when installed in its unfinished and unstained state. We take special care in selecting the best cedar available for our clients. Our expert siding installation ensures that the cedar siding is properly placed and will serve its utilitarian and aesthetic purposes for years to come.

As a classic building material chosen for its beauty, we offer cedar siding in choices including: bevel siding, tongue & groove siding, lap siding, and board & batten siding. For clients who prefer their cedar siding painted, we recommend cedar siding that is factory finished. As our key suppliers continue investing in technologies that offer advanced coating processes, there are 15 and 20 year finish warranties available.

Accordingly, properly installed and finished, cedar siding will give years of trouble-free service and will give any home a character and distinction that other products struggle to match. As we implement mandatory training program, all of our installers can deliver installation that is exemplary. When matched with discriminatory selection of cedar siding material, our skilled craftsmen deliver product that our clients enjoy for years.

Cedar siding vs. Vinyl siding

In extreme weather vinyl is less durable than wood. Strong wind could possibly get beneath the thin sheets of vinyl siding and lift a panel in the wall. Powerful hail or windblown debris can puncture vinyl. Vinyl siding will always alter the overall texture and proportions of the house, changing the depth of moldings and replacing natural wood grain with factory-made embossed patterns. Cedar is a natural product; has insulating value; serves as a sound barrier. Vinyl is plastic; installs faster than cedar; moisture won’t collect behind siding because vinyl is hung loosely, allowing air to circulate. However regardless to how well the vinyl siding resembles wood grains, the overall look will never be the same as cedar siding.

Cedar siding vs. Fiber Cement siding

Both Cedar siding and Fiber Cement siding that we offer and professionally install are high end products. Their installation is more labor consuming compared to vinyl siding, and the materials cost more, but the final result lasts way longer and delivers a lot better look than that of cheaper products. Fiber Cement siding is more difficult to install as special tools needed for installation as well as masks for cutting it. While having a natural grain and beauty Cedar planks are not as uniform as Cement siding and they vary in length. While Cedar siding is mostly insect resistant, the bees and wood peckers may be attracted by it, while Fiber Cement does not attract any living creatures to chew on it.