How To Prepare For A Siding Job?

siding chicagoTo effectively prepare for a siding job, you must first take into consideration what type of siding you are using. Different siding materials require completely individualized preparations. Moreover, improper siding preparation is a chief reason why some siding installations fail in the long run. If you want to get the most out of your siding’s performance, the preparation stage is every bit as important as the installation.

Smoothing Out the Details

Regardless of what siding material you’ve chosen, a very important preparatory step is to insure that your new siding is being installed atop healthy walls. Wood rot, mold, and uneven textures are not safe surfaces upon which to install new siding. Doing so will further damage the integrity of your home and lead to uneven siding. Always make sure that you have or your contractor has repaired any wall surfaces and that the material underneath is solid.

Understanding the Procedural Differences

Materials such as vinyl siding require a different approach to preparation than brick or wood. For example, vinyl siding is not as insulative as fiber cement, so home owners will want to install insulation before proceeding with their siding job. Certain siding materials have different attachment mechanisms which will alter preparation concerns.

When it comes to preparing your home for a siding job, there are many questions you’ll need to ask your contractor. The first and foremost has to do with how familiar he is with the installation process of the particular material you have chosen.

A contractor who specializes in vinyl siding may know all the ins and outs for its installation, but may have little experience in preparing for a fiber cement installation. You’ll also want to make sure you pay attention to the nuances of your home’s exterior. How will your contractor work with doors and windows, or gables and custom designed homes that require special attention to trims and corners? You want a seamless installation, so it’s important that your contractor have experience with these issues and that he is not approaching your home with a “learn as you go” attitude.

Experience Is Necessary

An experienced contractor will be able to confidently explain every detail of your exterior’s preparation and siding installation. However, it takes an educated homeowner to be able to tell the difference between a contract who is passing along shaky answers and one who is speaking from within a vast frame of reference. This is why it is important for you to research the siding material you have chosen, and look into the common errors connected with its installation. Familiarize yourself with its most popular construction issues and make sure your siding is being installed on a well-maintained wall space.