James Hardie Fiber Cement Siding Remodeller in Glenview

james hardie glenviewRemodeling a home by changing out the siding is a fairly common procedure for homeowners who want to improve their houses. However, rather than using treated wood or even vinyl siding, James Hardie fiber cement siding is quickly becoming the material of choice. For homeowners in the Glenview area who want a reliable, professional company to install their cement siding Windy City Construction & Design is the company to turn to in order to get the job done right the first time.

High Quality Awards For Installation and Remodeling

Windy City was one of the first installation companies in the Chicagoland area to receive Preferred Remodeler status with the James Hardie company regarding its product. The company has done everything in its power to maintain its lead over the competition, and it has managed to increase its quality and service professionalism through years of repeated practice and training. By holding itself to a higher standard this company ensures that its customers are always happy, and that their reputation only grows larger among homeowners.

What Makes James Hardie Fiber Cement Siding so Special?

One reason that Windy City has kept itself to rigidly trained and so professionally skilled at installing this particular material is that it is still growing in popularity among homeowners. This cement siding is made from sand, cement and cellulose fibers, all mixed together and then shaped into siding that can be made to resemble a variety of different materials. This composite material is resistant to the sun and wind, as well as to heat, cold, snow, rain, and practically anything else that the elements can throw at a house. That’s why this siding has jumped so far ahead of other, similar materials; once it’s in place it can last for years while resisting everything from freezing temperatures to the march of insects and everything in between.

Always Go With The Best

james hardie glenview
While this material is highly durable, fiber cement siding from James Hardie is only as good as its installers. If the boards aren’t put on according to the best, professional standards then they’ll let in heat and cold, as well as moisture and debris. This can damage a house’s interior if it goes uncorrected, and worse it will then take time and effort to fix both the interior, as well as the exterior.

That’s what makes Windy City Construction & Design a name to remember for homeowners who want to get the job done right the first time. It’s a company that has earned praise from the material’s manufacturer, and it has made certain to maintain its standards of excellence and professionalism. While there are a lot of companies who can install this product, none of them can match the quality and experience that Windy City offers.

Hardieplank Lap Siding Is the Way To Go

james hardieChoosing between the types of sidings homeowners want for their home can be a difficult choice. HardiPlank siding has grown in popularity among Americans and can now be found on more than 5.5 million homes across the United States.

HardiPlank offers homeowners strength, beauty, and durability that enhances a home’s appearance and protects it from the various climates of and weather conditions. With this choice, homeowners get optimum siding for their home regardless of their climate or location. Coming in a variety of looks and textures, which have all been engineered for climate, homeowners also get a 30-year non prorated, transferable, limited warranty to be assured they’re choosing the best siding they possibly can for their home.

The HardiPlank fiber cement lap siding has earned the Good Housekeeping seal and it’s to see why when it comes with so many advantages.

The HardiPlank siding is composed of cellulose fibers and cement-like materials that make it partly wood and partly cement, which make HardiPlank a green building material. Cellulose fibers are not composed of endangered species of wood, and no toxic materials (Such as those existent in vinyl siding) are used in the process of making the HardiPlank siding. This siding in particular has a long lifespan, having the ability to last for 50 years and even longer than that if it’s properly maintained.

HardiPlank is fire resistant (not to be confused with fireproof) and doesn’t contribute any combustibles towards fire; A vast difference from vinyl siding which contributes heavily to fire because it’s made out of petroleum, which only helps in significantly feeding the flames. Wood is another material of siding that isn’t fireproof such as the HardiPlank siding because of it’s neutral building material that works to make it fire resistant.

Homeowners can get the look of wood for their home without choosing wood siding because HardiPlank siding gives off the appearance of real wood, it’s also extremely thick like wood is. This is also another prime example of why choosing HardiPlank siding is better than choosing another type of siding, such as vinyl because vinyl siding is very thin and only gives off a false appearance of being thicker than it actually is because hollow spaces are created underneath whereas with HardiPlank, it’s thick all the way through.

HardiPlank also proves to be a better choice over wood siding because it doesn’t interest insects such as termites like wood does. Despite the HardiPlank being made of cellulose fibers, there isn’t enough of the material to draw the interests of insects, which makes HardiPlank siding technically insect resistant as well.

With the many advantages that HardiPlank can offer a homeowner, it doesn’t come cheap. However, since it has an extremely long lifespan, is incredibly durable, enhances an home’s appearance, and doesn’t face the potential risk of being ruined by bugs in the chance of an infestation; it’s more beneficial in the long run to choose over other siding materials such as wood and especially vinyl, which may be cheap at first but could only end up costing more to maintain as time goes by.

We Are a James Hardie® Preferred Remodeler

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Why choose James Hardie?

With so many options available to the homeowner, why should anyone choose James Hardie siding over competitors? The answer to this question lies in the solid reputation and longevity of the James Hardie name as well as in the reliability of its key product. In today’s market, James Hardie doesn’t just manufacture fiber cement siding: the company is fiber cement siding. One could argue that without James Hardie, there might not even be fiber cement siding. That is why Windy City Construction & Design is James Hardie’s Preferred Remodeler.

The First in Fiber Cement Siding

It does not necessarily stand that the company which does something first automatically does it best. However, when a company develops a certain product and, decades later, remains the frontrunner in this product’s manufacturing, it is likely that the company has mastered the development and implementation of the product. In the case of fiber cement siding: James Hardie was the creator of this particular product in the mid-1980s, and the company continues after thirty years to be the leader in the field.

What is Fiber Cement Siding?

Fiber cement siding represents the most enduring, economical, and practical option within the realm of siding materials. It is manufactured using water, cement, sand, and wood fiber. James Hardie siding products are:

  • Thick and sturdy
  • Fire and weather resistant
  • Also resistant to chips, cracks, and splits
  • Inedible and inhospitable to pests
  • Considered low maintenance due their color endurance
  • Manufactured using local sources of water, wood, sand and cement

Fiber cement siding is also produced using lower levels of greenhouse emissions than are competing materials. For this reason, fiber cement sidings are regarded as the ecologically friendly option.

Why James Hardie?

There are advantages to working with such a well established company, and these include both consumer confidence and product reliability. James Hardie is able to offer outstanding warranties on its fiber cement siding because decades of experience and intimate knowledge of the product’s performance allow the company to predict its dependability. Many James Hardie siding products are guaranteed up to a 30 year limited warranty. Do note, however, that this warranty applies to James Hardie materials that have been installed by an authorized James Hardie installation crew. James Hardie is not responsible for damage caused by improper installation.james hardie fiber cement siding

Since James Hardie was the first to develop fiber cement, the company has also been the first to implement extraordinary additional features such as the HardieZone system that customizes your James Hardie siding to the climate in which it is installed. James Hardie also utilizes ColorPlus technology to guarantee that your siding’s color will outlast even the harshest elemental onslaught. ColorPlus is just one of the many reasons why James Hardie technology remains a low maintenance practical siding option for homeowners. It is also supported by a 15 year limited warranty when installed by an authorized dealer.

Specialized Interests

Since the 1980s, James Hardie has been the sole manufacturer of fiber cement siding. This allows James Hardie to uniquely specialize in the field of fiber cement siding and develop superior products. James Hardie siding has been investigated and evaluated at every length of its development and potential. Its installation remains specific to protect both the product and homeowner. Companies with this level of expertise and experience are able to offer generous warranties that reflect the confidence of the manufacturer.

The assurance and reliability of James Hardie fiber cement siding products are only guaranteed through authorized retailers. To ensure that your installation is backed by warranty, seek out a contractor by accessing the official James Hardie company website.

Windy City Construction & Design is Hardie® Preferred Remodeler.

James Hardie Installer in Arlington Heights

Windy City Construction and Design is a Chicago-based company that specializes in James Hardie products. If you are looking for a James Hardie installer in Arlington Heights, then Windy City Construction and Design is the reliable and experienced option. We have two decades of experience in the construction business. We were also one of the first Chicago-area construction companies to gain the title of “Preferred Remodeler” with James Hardie. This translates to quite a lot when it comes to the quality and dependability of your James Hardie installation.

Installations by a Preferred Remodeler

So when you’re looking for a James Hardie installer in Arlington Heights, why use a Preferred Remodeler? The James Hardie Preferred Remodeler program employs a 3rd party service to ensure customer satisfaction. In order to achieve Preferred Remodeler status, Windy City Construction and Design has worked to meet all the stipulations set forth by the James Hardie Preferred Remodeling program. These standards are upheld to pledge the:

• Safety and warranty of your purchase
• Longevity of your installation
• Safety of our professionals
• Ethicality of our business practicejames hardie

Through this Preferred Remodeling program, James Hardie has made it all the easier for homeowners to confirm that they are working with a reliable contractor. When you are employing Windy City Construction and Design, under our Preferred Remodeler status, you are guaranteed that we are in good standing with the Better Business Bureau, that our financial practices are impeccable, and that your home construction projects are in the best of hands.

Warranty Protection

James Hardie products are insured by generous warranties, but this only applies to goods that have been installed by authorized construction companies. The reason is that each specialized James Hardie product requires the same level of quality and detail during its installation as during its manufacturing. James Hardie cannot be expected to compensate for damage done to these products by careless installation.

Lack of attention throughout installation can compromise the durability and aesthetics of James Hardie siding and construction merchandise. Companies that are authorized to build with James Hardie products have also been educated and trained in installation to guarantee that these items uphold their outstanding record.

The key characteristics of James Hardie siding and construction products lie in their extreme durability and low maintenance. High coverage and extensive warranties protect the homeowner in the rare case that replacements are necessary. However, home owners who do not seek out an authorized company may find themselves experiencing less than stellar product performance without the safeguard of a warranty.

Choosing Windy City Construction & Design

Your home is a huge investment and poor construction is a common woe for many homeowners. Hence it is most important to build on the firm foundations of authorization and experience. Choosing the right construction company and the right product lines, from the very start, can reduce the stress and frequency of your remodeling needs. Windy City Construction and Design offers quality James Hardie installation backed by solid warranty protection–all at an affordable price. This is why Windy City Construction and Design is top-of-the-list for James Hardie installers in Arlington Heights.

Picking James Hardie Fiber Cement Siding Colors

james hardie installationMany consumers have heard about the various kinds of siding for homes and businesses such as wood, brick, aluminum and vinyl. Some consumers have never heard of cement siding. Since cement seems to be made out of a very durable material, one would have to wonder if cement siding will outlast wood, brick, aluminum and vinyl siding.

Cement siding is a very durable siding that requires low maintenance. Cement fiber siding will not burn and the various colors cement fiber siding is available in will not fade. There are a few different materials contained in cement siding lending to it high durability. Cement, sand cellulose fibers plus small amount of water and additives blended and formed into siding sheets.

After a lamination process of fiber, cement a thickness develops according to what the manufacturer desires. The end process sees a texture added to the siding. The lengths and widths then trimmed as desired. After trimming, the sheets are autoclaved to cure using steam and pressure. After curing the product, a desired primer or paint color is added.

As with all various products, not all products of cement siding created equal. Depending upon what ingredients the manufacturer desires to use may vary. This whole process of developing fiber cement siding was discovered in the early 1970’s by James Hardie Building Products. James Hardie was the pioneer of cement siding products.

James Hardie Building Products continue to expand upon their creation of cement siding to make the sheets more workable and lighter to handle. Additionally, James Hardie Builders continue to work on new products answering different climates using this type of siding, in addition to adding new colors on prefinished products. James Hardie Builders continues to work on and update methods of instillation. Fiber cement siding will not crack, fade, peel, or discolor.

Homeowners considering home improvement such as siding, cement fiber siding offers unparallel benefits to the homeowner and since 2005 siding with fiber cement shows the best return on a homeowner’s investment, ranking number one in the siding industry. This material ranks number over the last eight-years due to being non-combustible that in turn discounts a homeowner’s fire insurance.

james hardie downers groveFiber cement proves to be more stable than any other products used. The paint color added to fiber cement sheets proves to be more durable, lasting ten to fifteen years. When a homeowner needs to repaint their fiber, cement siding they find they do not have to sand or scrap the area first. Fiber cement proves to hold up better in higher humidity areas of the country.

Even though fiber cement has been around for at least 40-years, it continues to grow in popularity with homeowners due to all the benefits of fiber cement siding over other types of siding. Fiber siding is the perfect material for siding, as homeowners have little to no maintenance, and cement siding offers a challenge to other forms of siding such as brick, vinyl, and aluminum. There is no other material on the market that offers a higher eco-friendly, beautiful product. Additionally, the James Hardie Builders, 30-year finish warranty is difficult to pass up assuring homeowners against peeling and flaking of paint.

Homeowners need to be aware that installing fiber cement siding is not a ‘Do It Yourself’ project, because this voids any warranties that the products hold. The homeowner need to take the responsibility of inspecting all materials before the professionals install the products on the home.

Homeowners need to view the color gallery of fiber cement siding as it takes homeowners a while to decide upon the color they want for a lifetime. There are 24 semi-transparent stains from the exact rustic beauty of nature for the homeowner to choose. If natural is not what a homeowner wants there is a pallet of at least 50 beautiful solid colors that add a stunning curb appeal and long-time investment to the home.

We Are a James Hardie® Preferred Remodeler

What are James Hardie building products?

cement siding
James Hardie is easily one of the most trusted names in construction products. Though this popular brand is widely known for its quality fiber cement siding, the James Hardie brand has expanded to include many features and materials, each of which promises a safer, sturdier, and versatile building experience. So what exactly are James Hardie building products, and why are they so standard in construction?

The James Hardie Name

The company founder, James Hardie, launched his business over a hundred years ago, but the name has become overwhelming popular in the last few decades when the company focused itself singularly on the manufacturing of fiber cement siding. This was a wise business maneuver because fiber cement siding, in itself, is an extremely enduring and cost-effective product. James Hardie is practically the face of fiber cement siding, which is why the company currently boasts to be the “world leader” in fiber cement building products.

The main features and benefits of fiber cement siding are:

• Resistance to elemental damage such as warping, molding, cracking, etc.
• Pest resistant qualities
• Longevity and endurance
• Low maintenance, particularly in regards to repainting
• More environmentally positive manufacturing
• Pleasing appearance

One of the great advantages of James Hardie fiber cement siding is that it can be used to resemble many other building materials, such as shingles and wood clapboard, but it does this without compromising the longevity of a home’s exterior. Wood is extremely susceptible to water and elemental damage, whereas fiber cement siding can provide the aesthetic beauty of wood without the future potential for termite, wind and rain damage.
Moreover, James Hardie uses patented coloring technology to ensure that its fiber cement siding maintains its glowing color for years and year to come.

James Hardie ColorPlus and HardieZone Technology

The ColorPlus and HardieZone technologies actually work in tandem to provide builders with a warrantied system that preserves their siding. HardieZone is a technology James Hardie installers use to identify which specialized James Hardie siding product will perform best in a particular climate. This technology has narrowed down its sales regions into ten specific climates zones. Siding products are then chosen based upon the needs and particular threats of these climates zone. This means that from day one, your James Hardie building products are customized for the predicted pressures of your living area.

Secondly, while HardieZone is laboring to ensure that your siding remains whole and protective, ColorPlus technology maintains the aesthetics of the product. ColorPlus involves a multi-layer paint process that is then sealed with a baked in coating. This coating works to protect your siding’s color from Mother Nature’s most fitful seasons. James Hardie ColorPlus paint technology also promises to be at least thirty percent more fade-resistant than other paint jobs due to its amazing UV resistant abilities.

Popular James Hardie Products

James Hardie has products to create a variety of home exterior designs. These include:

• Artisan Lap Siding
• Artisan Accent Trim
• HardieShingle Siding
• HardiePlank Siding
• HardiePlank Design Collection
• Hardie Trim Boards
• HardiePanel Vertical Siding

These registered terms may not mean much to a consumer at first glance, but they basically boil down to the fact that James Hardie products can be used to make a plethora of different design schemes. Moreover, these designs can mimic many other building materials while offering considerably more longevity. Whether you are opting for a wood lodge look or a the charm of a New England colonial home, James Hardie has exterior products that can mimic many design themes while maintaining the longevity and the benefits of fiber cement products.

Proper Installation

One of the key advantages to using products from a large and trusted company like James Hardie, is that quality warranties back their sales. Siding materials may offer warranties that cover multiple decades and their ColorPlus technology is supported by a fifteen year warranty.

There is a huge consideration when using James Hardie products for your construction and this boils down to proper installation. When installed by authorized James Hardie contractors, your products are anticipated to meet and, perhaps, exceed their expectations. However, you can lose quality as well as your promised warranty by using a non-authorized crew to install James Hardie materials. Every James Hardie product must undergo a specific installation process to provide full benefits to its users. Small details become overwhelmingly important when it comes to the effectiveness of fiber cement siding.

Using anything from the wrong kind of nails or placing them at the wrong angles can undermine the effectiveness of your siding, causing cracking and splitting. This is also true of the paint procedure. Improper paint work will result in bubbling and peeling. Many of the imaginable woes of non-James Hardie building products can find their way into your James Hardie experience if your siding is not installed and treated according to standards. Moreover, James Hardie warranties exempt products that have not been installed by authorized crews.

So take advantage of everything James Hardie products have to offer by ensuring that your products are carefully purchased and installed. In doing so, you will be able to enjoy both the protective and aesthetic benefits of these amazing materials and remain fully under warranty.

Design Ideas Inspired by James Hardie Products

James Hardie founded his company in 1888, when he left Scotland for Melbourne, Australia. His family owned and operated a tanning business in Scotland. His business started out exporting oil and products for animal hide tanning. After his retirement in 1911, the James Hardie LTD company began dealing in building and industrial products. In the 1980s, the company began research and development of their cement fiber products, becoming a innovator in the industry.

Today James Hardie handles only cement fiber products and they are top in the industry.

Many people and businesses choose to use James Hardie cement fiber, external and internal products on their homes or business structures. There are many types of exterior siding from which to choose for your unique design, bringing curb appeal and giving you the peace of mind of knowing that the quality products used on their homes will last in any weather. Let’s look at some of the features offered by James Hardie products so that you can get a picture of how easy it will be to design your home or business using James Hardie products. Be creative and let the experts at Hardie help you create your design.

James Hardie is a company that designs innovative products that are geared towards protecting and beautifying your house. The siding that Hardie designs allows homeowners to give their house a unique look . The company does business in several countries that include the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Asia and Europe and no matter where they are, their products are perfect for the local environment.

Siding Installation and Replacement in Chicago
James Hardie has a house siding tool that can help you choose siding, mixing and matching designs. Who says you have to have only one type of siding on your house? Use this unique tool and play with siding designs until you find one that is right for you. You can also utilize this tool to choose the colors and textures that will further enhance the exterior beauty of your house. When planning for the siding, you might want to consider the Hardie Reveal Panel System if your goal is to create a modern look in a panelized form. The Reveal Panel System gives you the freedom of leaving the fasteners exposed, keeping the metal look, or painting them to match the panel. The Reveal Panel System can be given various looks, depending on how it is applied. Make it uniquely yours and you will find that you have and eye-catching siding.

If you are designing your commercial building, the Artisan Lap Siding might want to consider this option. The Artisan Lap siding is made of architectural grade materials.
Another design option that you can consider is the use of fiber cement siding, which will not only last longer on your house, but it will also help by providing insulation that will keep your house warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. Not only will the fiber cement siding give your house beautiful curb appeal, your siding will give a higher return of investment (ROI). The fiber cement siding will be engineered for the climate of its location. This means that the siding will be able to withstand the elements without deteriorating, remaining beautiful for years to come.

When you decide on the color, or colors, you want for your cement fiber siding, the paint is applied at the factory, before the siding is put on the house. This ensures that the paint adheres to the siding to provide for long lasting beautiful color.
James Hardie also has products for your home’s interior for floors and walls, as well as ceilings and countertops. Hardie has manufactured HardiBacker one-fourth inch board that can be an excellent design answer for your floors and countertops. Beside the beauty that the product brings with it, it is also resistant to mold, which is a great feature for the protection of your house.

The HardieBacker 500 Cement Board is moisture resistant and it is for walls and floors, especially places like the shower or tub, where there is a lot of moisture. The absence of paper in the product makes it more mold resistant allowing it to last a lot longer, holding the beauty you love in your design.

There are so many design options to choose from when you are designing your house with James Hardie products. The exterior and interior sidings and paneled options allow you to choose almost any design, choosing your own colors. The process is exciting and the Hardie company guides you through every step towards the creation of your dream home. What could be easier than using James Hardi design tools to find the best combination of sidings and colors to give your home that great curb appeal.

Windy City Construction & Design is James Hardie preferred re-modeler in Chicago

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All About Fiber Cement Siding

windows-installation-jobs-228Fiber cement siding falls within the upper echelon of siding options. It is a truly versatile material that can easily mimic the most expensive construction materials for a much more affordable price. Its affordability, however, is just one of fiber cement siding’s many perks. This clever mix of cement, sand, and cellulose fibers has quickly become one of the most popular exterior materials based on its high performance across the board.

Benefits of Fiber Cement Siding

Key reasons for choosing fiber cement siding over other construction materials are its:
• Durability
• Pest and Fire resistance
• Minimal maintenance
• Structural warranties
• Low burden on the environment

Most homeowners are concerned first and foremost with the durability of their home, and fiber cement siding wins continually due its robust qualities. It can be made to look like traditional wood siding, but because fiber cement siding is a sand, cellulose and cement composite, it neither warps, rots, splits, burns or attracts insects like wood. Brick, wood, stucco and other materials simply cannot boast the durability claims of fiber cement siding, and for these reasons, many manufacturers sell their siding with considerable structural warranties.

Another appealing feature of this siding has to do with its maintenance. Fiber cement siding can be stained and painted. It tends to tolerate paint well, which keeps your home looking good for much longer than other materials. Do note, however, that the quality and preparation involved in its paint job can have a profound affect on its appearance and aesthetic longevity.

lakewood-window-replacement-289Another appealing feature of this siding has to do with its maintenance. Fiber cement siding can be stained and painted. It tends to tolerate paint well, which keeps your home looking good for much longer than other materials. Do note, however, that the quality and preparation involved in its paint job can have a profound affect on its appearance and aesthetic longevity.

The Downside of Fiber Cement

No product is without negatives aspects, though fiber cement siding has fewer negatives than competing options. The real concerns that involve its usage include:

• Fiber cement does not improve the structural integrity of your home
• Not all brands of fiber cement siding perform equally
• Installation methods can also affect its performance
• It can mimic other building materials, but does not provide the same authenticity
These concerns are typically outweighed by the amazing resilience of fiber cement siding. It certainly looks and performs better than vinyl siding, but it also costs considerably more. Homeowners who seek to capture an air of old world authenticity in their home’s design may likewise look to brick, stone or other options, despite the disadvantages.
Still, the cons of fiber cement siding are considerably few compared to most building materials. In order to achieve the best performance from your fiber cement siding, make sure you purchase from a trusted manufacturer and that the installation is done in an equally professional and trustworthy manner.

10 Construction And Remodeling Safety Tips

iStock-constructioninspMake no mistake, even small construction and remodeling jobs can be perilous. When you’re dealing with heavy items, chemicals, electric tools and sharp objects, the margin of error is often underestimated. Don’t let over-confidence and carelessness yield a frantic trip to the emergency room. There are so many precautions and safety tips that can mitigate the chances of a construction-related injury.

Accurately Assess Your Abilities

Before personally undertaking a remodeling venture, you need to accurately assess your abilities. Are you really capable of heavy lifting, precise installation, flawless measuring, or quick implementation of what is necessary for the project? Many a person has eyed his sectional couch from across the room and said, “Why hire a work crew?” only to spend the next two years in chiropractic care. Sure, you thought you’d save money by doing it yourself, but the medical bills prove otherwise.

Be Aware of Environmental Toxins

This is an integral, pre-project step. You want to ensure that your remodeling job does not expose your family to hidden mold or environmental toxins. Some remodeling projects will uncover everything from severe mold and elemental damage to lead-based paint scrapings. The latter is not typically a concern for newer houses, but in some cases, the current paint is layered to hide older lead-based paints. Also, carpet installation may involve a serious onslaught of chemicals. Working with a professional crew will alert you to the hazards and safer alternatives for many construction tasks.

Building to Code

Building codes help protect your household from shoddy construction jobs. Most contractors are aware of the building codes in your district. If you are unfamiliar with the specific codes, it is always a good idea to consult with an official. Not only does this promote safety, it prevents your work from later being torn down due to code violations.

Practice Using Tools

Your renovation is not a time for practicing. Before whipping out saws or power drills, you should practice until you feel proficient in handling your tools.


Does your renovation effort involve any chemicals or particulate? Some people enjoy the smell of fresh paint, but your liver doesn’t. It is very important to read the back of any cans or sprays used in your home. Many contain considerable toxins that should only be used in a well-ventilated area. If you’re drilling and sanding, the particulate that flies loose can also pose a toxic threat. Ventilate the area by opening widows and using fans, and continue to do this for days post-construction.

Protective Eyewear and Masks

This step is highly connected to the previous tip. When you are dealing with chemical fumes and particulates, always use protective eye gear and respiratory masks. These are quite easy to find in a home-improvement store. The eyes, lungs, and sinuses are especially vulnerable to toxins in the air. During a construction project, you want to ensure that your mucus membranes are well protected. Not following such precautions can lead to long term respiratory and vision problems.
bathroom ideas

Spraying for Dust

One way to lessen the amount of dust particulate during drilling, scraping or sanding, is to spray down the area with water. Using a spray bottle to mist the area is often very effective.

Suitable Shoes

Footwear is also a consideration. Does your remodeling job involve the possibility of heavy falling objects? Even moving a coffee table can result in something heavy falling on your foot. Depending on the intensity of the job, steel-toed boots may or may not be necessary. However, do not attempt to move furniture and other household items lying around barefoot or in open-toed footwear.

Family Managing

Remodeling projects are not a good place for children and pets. There is too much potential for random hazards. As fun as it may be for children to watch the construction process, it is always the safest alternative to keep them far from the action. Also, their growing immune systems should be protected from chemical fumes and stressors.

So many of these construction safety tips rely on common sense. However, in many cases, common sense is overshadowed by an individual’s need for haste on the job. Speed is often the greatest antagonist to safety, so don’t let these precautionary measures fall by the wayside. You’ll enjoy your remodeling efforts far more if you remain healthy and intact.

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Easy Bathroom Improvments

bathroomWhen you are looking to enhance or upgrade your bathroom in an easy fashion, you need to reflect on what the word “easy” means regarding home improvement. For some people, the word translates to simple and quick. However, others may use the term to define low cost techniques for upgrading their home. There are many ways to improve your bathroom through a quick and simple approach, but keeping costs to an absolute minimum always increases the challenge.

Easy Bathroom Improvements

Upgrading your bathroom without engaging in any construction is usually done through aesthetic means. There are countless ways to change the look of a bathroom using decorations and accessories. These include the purchase and swapping of:

  • Bathmats
  • Shower curtains
  • Towels
  • Containers
  • Cabinet knobs
  • Waste baskets
  • Pictures and wall decorations

bathroom palatine
Items such as these are common in home furnishing stores and can be used to transform both the theme and even color scheme of a bathroom.

Improvements with Cost Considerations

You can also upgrade the look of your bathroom while moving into a higher cost zone. There are many hardware enhancements that will switch up your bathroom theme, but some of these increase the time, effort, and cost considerations of the job. Such upgrades include:

  • Towel rods
  • Paper dispensers
  • Mirrors
  • Faucet/Vanity Hardware
  • Lighting fixtures

Changing the hardware and lighting in your bathroom is considerably easier than a major construction job, and it can make for remarkable thematic changes. When these improvements are combined with the aforementioned decorative ideas, your bathroom will have undergone an impressive overhaul without necessitating a contractor.

The Important Improvements

Giving any room in your home a fresh look can do wonders for the mood, but easy bathroom improvements shouldn’t take place at the expense of hygiene and repairs. If you’re attempting to create a bright new bathroom atmosphere, take a quick look to see if there are any noticeable repair jobs that really need to be addressed such as:

  • Chipped or peeling paint
  • Shower mold or caulking issues
  • Rusted faucets or drains
  • Loose towel rods

Fixing such problems is a little more complicated than swapping out a shower curtain, but these tiny issues can make a huge difference in the feel of your room. Moreover, decorating a clean and functional bathroom is so much more rewarding in the end.

Getting it All Done

Most of these easy bathroom improvements can be accomplished in a single day–several in less than an hour. Truly, many rooms in your home are quickly alterable through smart shopping and simple repairs. The real trick is balancing your budget against your time constraints, and oftentimes this is not quite so easy. Get a free consultation from Windy City Construction & Design!


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