Best Siding Options

siding contractorsNew siding can transform the entire look of a home, and protects the structure of a home from the outside elements. When considering the options, the choices can seem endless.

Siding is available in dozens of styles and materials. However, there are some choices that stand out and most are traditional siding materials, but they all differ in what they are made of and their physical properties.

There are some characteristics that all suitable sidings contain. They have to be durable, impervious and easy to install. Vinyl, wood and cement board are the most common choices. They all have good characteristics and some have significant drawbacks, especially when those common characteristics fail.


Vinyl is a siding that can be installed over pre-existing siding. It is durable, and the color is manufactured throughout the product. This means that if the product is breached in some way, the color will not be compromised. It is a light product and is made to mimic a wood grain. However, the wood grain is not realistic and is more decorative in nature.

Some vinyl siding products mimic other forms of wood siding well like cedar shingle siding. Because of its light weight properties and ease of handling, it is cheaper to install and does not require painting. However, it is degraded easily by the sun and other natural elements, and after this decay; the product becomes fragile and prone to breakage.


Wood is a good siding material for the same reasons that it is suitable as other building material. It can be worked easy, and it is the look that most other sidings mimic. It is used to manufacture many types of siding like clapboard and cedar shingle.

The method used to grow wood, in some cases, makes it sustainable. However, wood has to be treated after installation to prevent deterioration from natural degradation. This protection is most often paint, but staining is employed in some cases, and these finishes will have to be replenished periodically.
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Fiber Cement Board

Fiber Cement Board is made from concrete and industrial fibers including wood. It mimics several styles of wood siding and it mimics it very well. It is not as easy to work with as wood, but it lasts much longer with less maintenance. It also has to be treated after installation, but it takes painting really well, and when painted, it looks exactly like wood.

It also come pre painted in some cases.

Because of its weight and fragility before it is installed, it costs more for installation than wood, but it does not rot, it is mildew resistant and lasts indefinitely with proper care. It has become the most used siding material other than wood. Because of its longevity, fiber cement board is considered sustainable.

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