5 reasons to replace your windows now then later

window replacementHome remodeling can be a real chore. Even simple fix-it jobs require planning and scheduling, and often a bothersome amount of attention. The inconvenience alone is why many homeowners choose to put off repairs and upgrades for as long as possible. In many cases, prolonging these projects increases financial losses over time. Window replacement is a prime example of a home upgrade that can provide huge savings if tackled sooner, rather than later. Here are five reasons to replace your windows now, as opposed to later.

A Window Is Broken

This should really go without saying, but a chief reason to replace your windows right away is because you have a broken window. Insulation issues aside, broken windows are not safe. Glass can chip further, leaving small, almost unnoticeable shards on your floors or countertops. This situation represents a complete safety hazard. Many homeowners decide to initiate the replacement of all their windows once one is broken–a practical plan.

Your House Is Poorly Insulated

Many old windows simply don’t provide enough insulation during the hottest and coldest months of the year. This is a primary concern for homeowners living in harsh climates. Many newer types of windows are highly insulative an energy efficient. Using these products can not only trap heat and air-conditioning within your home—which is exactly where you want it—but they can result in significant energy savings over time.

Your Old Windows Were Inadequately Installed

This works hand in hand with your home insulation efforts. The way your windows are installed is every bit as important as the type of windows you choose. Any window that is improperly positioned or wrongly sealed will affect your home’s degree of insulation. When a window is sealed effectively, it will insulate at full capacity. It will protect your home from elemental damage as well.window replacement

Ultra Violet Protection

Some newer window products provide ample UV protection. This not only reduces your personal ultraviolet exposure, but protects your floors and home furnishing from fadingand sun damage. Years of continuous sun exposure will increase the maintenance costs of your home’s interior.

Noise Protection

A final reason to consider replacing your windows has to do with the noise factor. If you live on a busy street or, perhaps, near an airport, noise pollution can be a large
concern. Double-paned sound proof windows can cut down your noise considerably and encourage a calm domestic atmosphere.

Of course, financial and safety concerns aren’t the only reason to replace your windows. If you are already planning a large scale remodel, it can make perfect sense to attack the window issue right away.

Larger or customized window schemes can enhance the beauty of your home, while increasing its illumination. Windy City Construction and Design boasts years of experience when it comes to designing and replacing windows. So, why wait? Call us for your free in-home consultation.

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