Three Advantages of hiring siding installation company

siding installationSiding adds an aesthetic quality to the curb appeal and value to a home. It also reduces maintenance costs during the life of the home. But improperly installed siding can be a potential disaster waiting to happen to your home and pocketbook. While installing siding on your own sounds like an easy, weekend project there’s a lot more involved than simply nailing siding over a preexisting exterior.

That’s when the homeowner needs to look at three advantages to hiring a qualified siding company to install new siding on their home

  • costs
  • construction
  • completion


Choosing siding that is right for your home is often confusing. Today, a wide range of sidings are available to give a unique sense of beauty. Cement fiber, vinyl, and wood are among most popular home siding choices. All come with different installation requirements, prices, maintenance needs, and labor costs. Homeowners risk making expensive mistakes when confronted with so many siding choices and installation options.

Do-it-yourself siding installations sound easy and money-saving, but unnecessary expenses often occur when the homeowner isn’t aware of the special requirements for installing various siding materials.

A siding estimate from a siding installation company greatly reduces the drain on the homeowner’s budget by taking potential, unforeseen circumstances into account.

In the long run, a qualified siding professional saves the homeowner money by understanding all aspects of the job. They have the knowledge and skills to work with various siding types, and know how to anticipate the potential problems unique to each material. Matters a bit more tedious, like paperwork, are also taken care of.

WindyCity Constrution & Design qualified siding professional stays informed of changes in building codes, they know how and when to pull the appropriate building permits.


Siding installations involve more than just putting siding on. Qualified siding installation companies not only apply siding in a way that adds beauty to the home, but are knowledgeable about other construction applications.

This may include a tear-off of preexisting siding, making sure the installation is waterproof, moving windows, and trimming around other egresses to provide a consistent and beautiful installation. Also, siding installation companies have access to the latest equipment and techniques which also saves the homeowner labor costs.siding installation

Many homeowners choose to have additional work done during a siding installation.

Windy City Construction & Design installation company can accommodate those requests. Then, any other additional remodeling work will integrate beautifully with the new siding. Improperly installed siding causes leaks and other problems. Those problems are far easier to prevent during the installation process, rather than trying to repair later.


Knowledge of all these aspects of home siding and installation ultimately provides the homeowner with a reasonable time frame for completion. You get to enjoy the new look of your home faster than if you attempted the job yourself, without the burden of unanticipated costs, aggravating delays, or expensive mistakes.

Windy City Construction & Design siding installers are bonded, licensed, and insured to protect you and your property. A self-installation doesn’t provide the guarantee of quality work.

Upon completion of a siding installation, the Windy City makes sure that debris, nails, and hazardous materials are cleaned up properly and safely disposed of. The homeowner is also left with a warranty, and maintenance tips, to help their new siding installation stay beautiful for years to come.

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